Is introversion a terrible thing?

March 26, 2018
March 26, 2018 Team Positive

Is introversion a terrible thing?

For all my life, I have always been a loud child- a hyperactive child who loved exploring new things, who’d like to go on adventures, and loved having friends around me.

As i grew older into my teenage years, these traits of me being loud, being curious, and being chatty associated me with being an extrovert.

However, as i started trying to be the extrovert i thought i was, i found myself exhausted. I wanted to go back home and not socialise. I felt overwhelmed.

At first, i thought to myself “is there something wrong with me? Am i suffering depression?”

Then i realized this: im an introvert.

Slowly but surely, as much as I do enjoy the company of others, i find solitude to be gratifying, soothing, and relaxing as well. To me, it was refreshing and calming. I feel at ease. I feel grounded. In fact, I do occasionally turn down invitations from friends, and instead, spend the evenings on reading a book and articles or watching movies.

To some, this act is categorised as anti-social. Yet, to me, its refreshing. Don’t get me wrong- I thoroughly enjoy my friends’ presence around. But, i too, enjoy my own presence as well.

I find these quiet, alone, and “down” times necessary. Everyday, we are exposed to a myriad of stimulus within our environment, and its easy to feel overwhelmed by it. I know I do.

And in these down times, I find myself able to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. I find relaxation. I do not feel burdened.

Its not an anti-social act. Its a necessary act. By spending time alone, you are ridding the feeling of overwhelm. You feel relaxed and less burdened. When a new day dawns upon you, you are recharged and energized. You’re ready to go out there and to conquer life.

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