Fearful, Yet Hopeful!

October 10, 2018
October 10, 2018 Team Positive

Fearful, Yet Hopeful!

I have a lot of fears.

Growing up, I felt so much fear in me- the fear of meeting new people, the fear of disappointing my parents, the fear of failing and not hitting my own personal mark, the fear of trying out new experiences.

And the list goes on.

Honestly, it’s not easy to live a life with fear.

It hinders with my quality of life; it hinders me from taking risk, and becoming an overcomer.


In fact, starting out Positivity Lab was a challenge to me- there was a fear of failure, a fear of not measuring up to my own personal standards.

What if I wrote in a certain way that people disliked?

What if people didn’t like and resonate with my content?

What if I ended up wasting time and money doing this?

What if no one reads it, and feel inspired by my content?

It was a never-ending list of fear and self-doubt; yet I’m so grateful I overcame all these fears and self-doubt.


Sure, it was a struggle to overcome this fear- it felt overwhelming at the start for me to conceptualise, plan, strategise, and launch something like Positivity Lab.

But, after pondering, sitting on it, and thinking about it for the longest time, I decided to go on with it.

And, ever since, I’ve not regretted.


Every single part of the journey was enjoyable, despite the challenges and the setbacks.

It was tough initially- the self-doubts and fears came back to haunt me, and they still do up until this day, but I have a form a peace.

A peace knowing that God has my back, and He will see this plans to fruition.

A peace knowing that God was the one who called me to start Positivity Lab. He sent friends and family to encourage me throughout the starting stages. And, that has been tremendous help in kickstarting Positivity Lab.

A peace knowing there’s hope for the future, and the future holds bigger and better plans than I can imagine.

That’s what gave me the hope to press forward, and march on despite my fears.


Do I still have fears now?

Sadly, yes I do.

And, quite a bit of them if I’m honest.

Some things still terrify me, and I’ve yet to accomplish them despite me wanting to.

But, in due time, I pray that God will give me the strength and tenacity to overcome these fears, and become the overcomer God wants me to be.



If you’re in a similar situation where you’re filled with fear, and all hope seems lost, let me encourage you- God will deliver both you and I from our situations.

He will be the reason for our Breakthrough. He will lead us to victory.

He will see us through, and help us overcome!