What Do You Love?

October 1, 2018
October 1, 2018 Team Positive

What Do You Love?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6:21


Our hearts lie where our interest, our passion, our love, and our desires are.

Just think about it- what do you spend the most time, energy and money on? Could it be shopping and looking sleek?

Or maybe is it food and coffee?

Or is it basketball?

For me, my heart lies in my passion and interest in weightlifting, music, work, reading.

My heart too, lies in spending time with friends and family.

And, looking at the list at a glance, you wouldn’t have thought I love God.

But in my mind, I thought I did.

I was always under the assumption that He was and is my first love.

I thought I put Him above others, and above my other priorities.

I thought wrong.

I was putting my other priorities above God; my passion, my desires, my hobbies, my relationships- all these have taken precedence above God.


Today, allow me to ask-
What is your first love?
What do you love and prioritise?
Where does your heart lie?
What is your treasure?


Are you (and even I) prioritising the right things in life? Is the order of significance the most beneficial to ourselves, or does it include other people, or God for that matter?

Are we aimlessly trying to fill the void of meaninglessness and boredom in our lives by spending so much time on our hobbies, passions, and interest? Or are we doing it out of genuine passion and interest?

Or are we using all these things we “treasure” to associate some form of identity and worth to ourselves?

Are the treasures that we seek and desire the most challenging us, and pushing us in the direction of growth, confidence, and enablement?

Or are they diverting our attention from more important priorities (our walk with God, our families and loved ones, our personal growth) in life?

Or worse- are they hindering us from being the overcomers God has made us to be?