Welcome to Positivity Lab, my fellow friend, and “Positiver”!

Positivity Lab is a blog dedicated to inspire, uplift, encourage, and challenge you to Live Life Positively.

Life isn’t easy- there are so many challenges, expectations, demands, stresses and burdens upon each and every single one of us. Paired with so much negative talk, words of discouragement, unsupportive statements, snide comments, and such, it's hard to remain positive, and find joy in living.

With that in mind, I’m here to share with you my story, my burdens and my circumstances, and how they have been overcome. No negativity, just real talk.

I hope my stories do resonate with you deeply, and that it serves as an inspiration and encouragement to you. And, I do hope my stories restores hope and joy in you!

Allow me introduce myself- my name is Ben, I am the founder of Positivity Lab.

All of these learnings, experiences, and lessons I share have been categorized under four different segments- Positivity Journals, Grateful Journals, Positive Reads, and Inspiring Interviews.

All my sharings are inspired by the Bible, and have Biblical overtones to it. The Bible has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for me through my life, and I would like to share my source of encouragement and strength with you!

Through these weekly sharing on social media pages, emails, and blog posts, may you find the strength and courage you need to overcome your situations as well, especially when you're feeling defeated and down.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel of a circumstance you’re going through, and you will make it through, like how you have overcome all your previous struggles!

Be inspired by others who have gone though these circumstances as well, and discover how they went through these scenarios/ situations.

And through this sharing, I do pray these sharing will:

  1. Inspire and encourage you to live life to the fullest.
  2. Give you clarity, peace, hope, love, peace, and a purpose in your life.
  3. Strengthen and empower you to persevere, and overcome your situations and circumstances.
  4. Your life has a purpose, and you are a blessing to the people around you.


Your life has a purpose and a meaning. You are meant to do great things- tough times and challenges do happen, but know that you're an overcomer. 

You have the capabilities to overcome situations in your life. Keep persevering, and keep moving forward.

Rise to the occasion, and Live Life Positively!

Ben from Positivity Lab